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Sewage tanker body kit  (also called as Vauum tank truck super structure, Sewage suction tank body kit, Sewage tank truck up structure, Vacuum suction truck tank system, Sewage pump truck body kit, Up body kit for vacuum sewage suction truck ) This vacuum suction truck is mainly used to suck, transport, unload, and load sewage and sludge existing in the sewer lines and rainwater wells, and it can also be used to suck and transport wastewater, industrial waste oil, and sewage in large factories. Furthermore, sometimes it can even be used to dredge and clean small watercourses.

The Vacuum tank capacity can be from 3m3, 5m3, 6m3, 8m3, 10m3, 12m3 to 18m3, and the key parts can be optional.

Just show us your truck chassis infomation, Powerstar trucks will produce the most suitable vacuum suction truck super structure for your local chassis, we can even go to your site install the body kit.

Advantage of Sewage vacuum tank truck Up-structure:

 1,  Short Delivery time:  5~10 days.

 2,  Save freight:  Body kit can be put in 20FT or 40FT container

 3,   Right-hand drive chassis also available.

 4,   Low TAX for importing.

 5,   Install manual and Video available.

 6,   Go to your side install base on huge order.