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Our typical products include Garbage Compactor Body, Road Sweeper Body, Vacuum Tanker Kit and special truck upper bodies. These products are widely used in the construction, chemical, transportation, energy, and other industries.



  Brand new garbage compactor body
  Any chassis brand available
  Short delivery time 5~7 days
  Worldwide shipping
  100% custom-made, 3m3 to 22m3
  12 months Free spare parts
  Local install in customer workshop

* And more......

Street road sweeper body super structure body kit Garbage compactor body kit  Concrete mixer truck drum tank kit 

Sweeper truck body kit

5 m3

8 m3

8 m3

 ISUZU Vacuum Sewage suction tanker truck body kit Recovery truck up structure  Isuzu heavy dump truck tipper vehicle hydraulic cylinder assembly 

Sewage Tanker up structure


Recovery Wrecker Body kit

40 Tons

Tipper lifting system

25 tons


sewage tanker truck body kit Isuzu vacuum truck upper structure

6,000L Sewage vacuum pump tanker truck super structure body kit

Isuzu Vacuum Sewage suction truck is used for removing and transporting sand, stones, grease, sludge and other debris from sewage pipelines and/or sanitary sewer by strong suction action which is created by a vacuum pump.

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Best price refuse compactor body kit for sale

Garbage truck Refuse Compactor Body for sale

Garbage Truck bodies, Trash Compactor Body Kit, Garbage Compactor Body Unit, 

Hot Tags  :  Garbage compactor body kit Trash Compactor Body Kit Rear Loader Refuse Truck body

Japan Isuzu garbage compactor truck bodies for sale

Garbage Truck Bodies

Waste compactor truck up structure, Rear Loader bodies, Refuse Collection Truck Super Structure

Hot Tags  :  Compression Garbage Truck Body Kit Garbage Compctor Hydraulic Body Kit Garbage Truck bodies

Isuzu 4X2 Truck Refuse Compactor Body for sale

Brand new 8tons 10Tons Isuzu Rear Loader Refuse Truck body

Garbage compactor body kit (also called as Garbage truck bodies, Rear Loader Garbage Body,  refuse compactor body kit, Waste compactor up-structure, Rear loader super structure, Bin lorry hydraulic system, Compression garbage truck body kit, Hydraulic rear compactor up structure)

Hot Tags  :  Waste compactor truck up structure garbage truck body

Back Loading Garbage Compression Truck body kit

18cbm Back Loading Garbage Truck up structure body

China best Isuzu Environment Garbage Compactor body kit, Refuse Trucks super structure, Compactor Garbage Trucks upper bodies

Hot Tags  :  Refuse Compactor Truck body Garbage Compactor Truck body Waste Compactor Truck body

Brand new Refuse Truck Body Manufacturers

Garbage Truck Body Refuse collection bodies

Made in China Truck Mounted Crane with Low Price,7 Tons Truck Mounted Mobile Crane,Truck Loader Crane Isuzu 3.2ton Wire Rope Telescopic Boom Truck

Hot Tags  :  Garbage Truck Body Refuse collection bodies Refuse Truck Bodies

Powerstar Sweepers ISUZU Truck mounted Street sweeper body

Mechanical broom street sweeper truck Body

Powerstar Isuzu Street Sweeper products utilize all variations of today's street sweeping technology – mechanical broom street sweepers, vacuum street sweepers,

Hot Tags  :  Mechanical Broom sweeper truck body vacuum road sweeper truck body Street Sweeper body kit

Isuzu chassis road sweeper truck body kits for sale

Road Sweeping Truck Body Kits

Broom street sweeper body kits  Mainly used in cleaning the city streets, city square, large factories and mines.

Hot Tags  :  road sweeper truck body kits street sweeping vehicle body kits Broom street sweeper up structure

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