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Dry Power and Foam Fire Truck Isuzu Giga

Nigeria Dry Powder and Foam Fire Truck Isuzu Giga with 6UZ1-TCG50 380HP is a versatile and powerful firefighting vehicle designed to handle multiple types of fires. Its dual firefighting agent capabilities, large capacity, and powerful water pump make it an invaluable tool for fire departments in Nigeria. With comprehensive after-sales service support, Isuzu ensures the longevity and optimal performance of the fire truck, further enhancing its firefighting capabilities.
  • Work capacity:

  • Truck model:

  • Engine power:

    380 HP
  • Engine type:

    ISUZU 6UZ1
  • Axle drive:

  • Gear box:

    ZF 8-shift
  • Remarks:

    2tons dry powder capacity

The Nigeria Dry Powder and Foam Fire Truck Isuzu Giga is a highly efficient firefighting vehicle designed to handle various types of fires. Manufactured by Isuzu Motors, a leading global automotive company, this fire truck is specifically tailored to meet the firefighting needs in Nigeria. Equipped with advanced dry powder and foam firefighting capabilities, the Isuzu Giga Fire Truck is an essential tool for fire departments in the country.

2. Features:
- Dual Firefighting Agents: The Giga Isuzu Industrial Powder fire truck for Nigeria is equipped with a dry powder firefighting system and a foam firefighting system. This dual-agent capability allows firefighters to tackle different types of fire effectively.

- Large Powder and Foam Capacity: The Isuzu Giga dry powder rescue Fire Truck has a large capacity for carrying dry powder and foam agents, ensuring prolonged firefighting operations without the need for frequent refills.
- Highly-Powered Water Pump: The fire truck Giga Isuzu features a powerful water pump that can deliver high-pressure water streams, increasing the effectiveness of firefighting operations.
- Foam Injection System: The foam firefighting system is equipped with a foam injection system that generates foam concentrate, enhancing fire suppression capabilities.
- Ergonomic Design: The Isuzu Giga Dry powder Fire Truck's design focuses on the comfort and safety of firefighters during operations. It includes user-friendly controls, spacious crew compartments, and easy access to firefighting equipment.

3. Advantages:
- Multiple Fire Suppression Capabilities: The combination of dry powder and foam firefighting agents allows the Isuzu Giga Fire Truck to suppress various types of fires, including flammable liquid fires, electrical fires, and solid material fires.
- Rapid Response: The Isuzu Giga fire truck's powerful engine enables quick response times, ensuring timely arrival at the fire scene, thereby reducing potential property damage and saving lives.
- Versatility: The Isuzu Giga Fire Truck is designed for versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of firefighting applications. It can be used in industrial areas, residential areas, and airports.
- Enhanced Effectiveness: The highly-powered water pump, combined with the foam injection system and large firefighting agent capacity, enhances the firefighting effectiveness of the Isuzu Giga Fire Truck.

Dry Power and Foam Fire Truck Isuzu Giga is our multi-function combined fire truck which adopts our new technologies, new processes, new materials, independent research and development, using Isuzu Giga fire truck chassis, Shanghai CB10 / 100-XZ fire pump, 500kg dry powder system and the use of Chinese reducing valves, and PL64 fire monitor. It is suitable for large and medium-sized cities public security fire brigade, petrochemical companies, ports, wharfs and other professional fire brigades.

G.V.W 42000 kg
chassis weight 9400 kg
Max speed 90km/h
Seat (inc. driver) 6
Max. power 283kw/380Hp


Brand Isuzu Giga cab chassis for fire application
Drive type 8x4
Cab double cabin with four doors
Wheelbase 1850+4575+1370mm
Max. speed 90km/h
Min. turning diameter 18.6m
Engine type inline six-cylinder, four-stroke, water cooled, turbocharged and intercooled engine
Model 6UZ1-TCG50
Max. power 283kw/380Hp
Clutch Monolithic, dry
Gearbox model Manual,


Structure Rotatable type
Seat 1+1+4
Equipment Except the original equipments. There is a storage box with cover under the seat, embedded air breathing apparatus fixed mount in the seats

Fire pump

Manufacturer Chinese brand
Model CB10/100
Flow 100L/s
Pressure 1.0MPa
Water diversion Piston primer pump
Max. vacuum degree ≥85 kPa
Priming time ≤80s
Foam proportioner PH64x3
Type Manual
Mixing ratio 3%, 6%

Fire monitor

Model PL64
Position Rear roof
Flow 64L/s
Pressure 0.8 MPa
Range water≥70m ,foam≥60m
Rotation angle

horizontal: 360°,

Pitching: -15° to 80°

Operation type Manual

4. Application:
The Nigeria Dry Powder and Foam Fire Truck Isuzu Giga is suitable for various firefighting applications, including:
- Industrial Fires: The fire truck can handle fires in industrial facilities, chemical plants, and refineries, where flammable liquids and hazardous materials may be present.
- Residential Fires: It is an effective tool for safeguarding residential areas and high-rise buildings from fire hazards.
- Airport Firefighting: The fire truck is suitable for airport firefighting operations, ensuring the safety of passengers, crew, and aircraft in case of emergencies.

5. After-sales service:
Isuzu provides comprehensive after-sales service support for the Nigeria Dry Powder and Foam Fire Truck Isuzu Giga. This includes regular maintenance, availability of spare parts, and technical assistance through authorized service centers. Ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of the fire truck is a top priority for Isuzu to maintain the firefighting capabilities of Nigerian fire departments.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Q1: Can the Isuzu Giga Fire Truck be customized for specific firefighting requirements?
A1: Isuzu offers customization options, allowing fire departments to tailor certain features and equipment of the fire truck to meet their specific needs.
Q2: What is the range of the dry powder and foam firefighting capabilities?
A2: The range depends on various factors, including the specific model and the firefighting agent's concentration. Isuzu can provide detailed specifications based on customer requirements.
Q3: How does the foam injection system work?
A3: The foam injection system injects the foam concentrate into the water stream, creating a foam blanket that suppresses the fire and prevents re-ignition.
Q4: What types of fire does the dry powder agent effectively suppress?
A4: The dry powder agent is effective in suppressing fires involving flammable liquids, electrical equipment, and solid materials such as chemicals, wood, and paper.

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