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ELF ISUZU Kitchen garbage truck

6000L isuzu High Quality Kitchen Garbage Truck


                              ELF ISUZU Kitchen garbage truck

300KW FVR Isuzu mobile power supply station vehicle

Main Features of the garbage truck:

1,It is used for collecting and transporting residual food arise from hotel, restaurant and mess hall.

2,Adopt machine-electric-hydraulic integration control systems, easy to operate and working safety.

3,Providing sealing discharge and pashing discharge two forms to adapt to different users.

4,The structures of control valve, cylinder and pipeline are advanced, the performances of that are reliable, easy to operate and convenient for maintenance.

5,Parts that are highly resistant to corrosion after acid pickling.

6Fine sealed property that can prevent sewage from overflow to avoid pollution again.

7,Stainless steel water tank and a high-pressure pump are supplied for the machine, it is convenient for cleaning vehicle and worksite.




Product characteristic 
  1. Sealed carriage, high strength tanh (stainless steel tank can be selected) with good corrosion resistance.
  2. There are separated dry part and wet part in the carriage.
  3. Adopts fully hydraulic drive, convenient operation.
  4. 120L, 140L standard garbage bin can be equipped.

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