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Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck

Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck
Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck
Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck
Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck
Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck
Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck
Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck
Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck
Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck
Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck
Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck
Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck
Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck

Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck

The Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck is a popular choice for transportation and construction purposes. This model offers a durable chassis and a powerful engine suitable for carrying and unloading materials efficiently. The tipper feature allows for easy unloading of goods, making it ideal for construction sites, mining operations, and various other industries requiring material transport. 

  • Work capacity:

    5 tons
  • Truck model:

  • Engine power:

  • Engine type:

  • Axle drive:

    4x2,Right hand drive
  • Gear box:

    MLD 6-speed,manual
  • Remarks:

    High load capacity

Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck, also called Isuzu 700P dump truck,Isuzu garbage dump vehicle,Isuzu tipper lorry truck,Isuzu off road hook loader, refers to a vehicle that unloads goods by itself through hydraulic or mechanical lifting. The Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartment and power take-off device. In civil engineering, dump trucks often work together with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other engineering machinery to form a loading, transporting and unloading production line to carry out the loading and unloading of earthwork, sand and gravel, and bulk materials.

isuzu 700p dump truck


1.Using Japanese technology ISUZU 700P Chassis, super power, larger displacement, with Stronger Engine performance.
2. Remove the urea system and cancel DPF.
3. Quality test from the production to the finish of the whole truck.  
4. Professional and experienced technical team support to provide customized trucks with high quality & reasonable price.
5. Genuine spare parts supply.
Prompt delivery. All the truck will be polished with wax before shipping and accordingly the truck type and destination port to choose the most suitable and cost-effective shipping way.




Truck Specification

Truck model



Single row cab, with power steering. Electronic flameout

Driving Type

4*2, Right hand driving

Max Speed (km/h)


Overall dimension(mm)


GVW( kg)


Mass in working order ( kg)




F/R track base (mm)


F/R overhang (mm)


Approach/Departure Angel





Single-plate dry diaphragm spring clutch


Hydraulic steering with power assistance

Gear box

MLD 6-speed


Front axle

4 T

Rear axle

7 T




Fuel Type

Diesel fuel


Water-cooled four-stroke,, direct injection, turbocharged



Max output power/rotate speed (hp /rpm )


Max torque/rotate speed(N.m/rpm)


Braking  system

Service Brake

Compressed air brake

Park Brake

Spring energy

Auxiliary brake

engine exhaust brake

Eletric system


Upper-Body  specification

Dump box dimension (L*W*H)(mm)


Dump box material

Carbon steel

Dump box thickness (mm) bottom/side


Hydraulic cylinder

Middle-placed T-Shape cylinder

Dump box color

According to customer's requirement



The Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck is a powerful and well-designed heavy-duty transport vehicle. The following is a description of the five main features of this model:


1. Appearance design: The Isuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck has an eye-catching appearance design, and its smooth and powerful lines give people a strong visual impact. Every detail of the car body reflects the product's excellent quality and exquisite craftsmanship. Whether it is the headlight design on the front face or the side lines of the car body, it highlights its unique charm.


2. Power performance: This dump truck is equipped with a powerful Qingling-Isuzu 4HK1-TCG61 engine. The 4-cylinder diesel inline engine with a displacement of 5.19L provides ample power for the vehicle. The maximum horsepower reaches 190 horsepower, and the drive mode is 4X2, which can meet various complex road conditions and transportation needs.


3. Control and comfort: The Isuzu 4x2 700P dump truck not only has stable control, but also has a very user-friendly cab design. The spacious driving space and high-quality seats allow drivers to enjoy a comfortable driving experience. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with advanced suspension systems and shock-absorbing technology, which effectively reduces vibration and noise during driving.


4. Loading and unloading capacity: As a dump truck, its cargo box length can reach 3.82 meters (depending on different configurations) and has excellent loading capacity. At the same time, the self-unloading function makes the unloading process faster and more convenient, greatly improving work efficiency.


5. Economy and environmental protection: The Isuzu 4x2 700P dump truck performs well in terms of fuel economy and has lower fuel consumption compared with vehicles of the same level. In addition, the vehicle also adopts advanced emission control technology, complies with National VI emission standards and is environmentally friendly.


isuzu tipper truckIsuzu 4x2 700P tipper truck

isuzu dump truckIsuzu 5 tons tipper lorry truck

isuzu tipper truck

Isuzu garbage dump truck

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