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Isuzu GIGA 6x4 dumper truck

Philippine Isuzu GIGA 6x4 dumper truck
Philippine Isuzu GIGA 6x4 dumper truck
Philippine Isuzu GIGA 6x4 dumper truck
Philippine Isuzu GIGA 6x4 dumper truck
Philippine Isuzu GIGA 6x4 dumper truck
Philippine Isuzu GIGA 6x4 dumper truck
Philippine Isuzu GIGA 6x4 dumper truck
Philippine Isuzu GIGA 6x4 dumper truck
Philippine Isuzu GIGA 6x4 dumper truck
Philippine Isuzu GIGA 6x4 dumper truck
Philippine Isuzu GIGA 6x4 dumper truck
Philippine Isuzu GIGA 6x4 dumper truck

Isuzu GIGA 6x4 dumper truck

The Isuzu 6x4 460-horsepower GIGA dump truck is an excellent, efficient and reliable freight tool, suitable for various heavy-duty transportation scenarios. Its powerful power, convenient dumping system, reliable maneuverability and durable design make it a leader in the field of heavy trucks and is favored by industry professionals and users.

  • Work capacity:

    24 tons
  • Truck model:

  • Engine power:

  • Engine type:

  • Axle drive:

  • Gear box:

    ZF 16-speed,manual
  • Remarks:

    rear lifting,can be customized.

Isuzu GIGA 6x4 dumper truck is also called Isuzu GIGA dump truck,Isuzu GIGA tipper,Isuzu tipper truck,Isuzu GIGA heavy dump truck,Isuzu tipper lorry truck.The Isuzu GIGA 6x4 dumper truck is committed to providing efficient and reliable transportation solutions and is suitable for many fields such as the construction industry, mining transportation, and large construction sites. Its powerful performance, stable control and durable design make it an indispensable tool in the field of heavy freight. This dump truck not only represents Isuzu's commitment to industrial quality, but also demonstrates its continuous attention and pursuit of technological innovation and user needs.

 isuzu giga dump truck


1. Using Japanese technology ISUZU GIGA Chassis, super power, larger displacement, with Stronger Engine performance.
2. Remove the urea system and cancel DPF.
3. Quality test from the production to the finish of the whole truck.  
4. Professional and experienced technical team support to provide customized trucks with high quality & reasonable price.
5. Genuine spare parts supply.
6. Prompt delivery. All the truck will be polished with wax before shipping and accordingly the truck type and destination port to choose the most suitable and cost-effective shipping way.





Product name

ISUZU GIGA 6×4 10 Wheels Dumper Truck

Vehicle Dimensions, Weights & Capacities

Chassis brand


Overall dimension (L*W*H)




Curb weight

10860 Kg

Gross weight

24,000 Kg

Axle loads

7500/26000Kg (Two-Axis Group)


Drive mode


Cabin type

Standard roof one bed


2 seats

Front axle


Rear axle


Wheel Base



ZF 16-speed,16 forward with 2 reverse




10+1 spare type


Air conditioning


Engine model


Fuel and engine Type

Diesel, 6 cylinders in-line

Horse power




Other Standard Configurations


Power Steering System


Air Conditioning


ABS, Automatically Air-cut Brake


Tubeless types


Retro-Reflective Marking


Free Maintenance Battery


Central Lock


Power Window


USB, Radio


Widened Bumper


Aluminum Alloy Gas Tank


Front Chrome Kit for option

Tops Dump Parameters

Dump body size (L*W*H)

5100 X 2480 X 900mm

Body material

Strengthen high performance wear-resisting alloy steel

Thickness of the dump body

Bottom 5 mm, Side 4 mm

Hydraulic cylinder brand

China brand


Middle or Front lifting



★ The Isuzu GIGA 460 HP 6x4 dump truck is a powerful and efficient freight vehicle with outstanding performance and reliability for a variety of heavy hauling tasks. This model uses a 6x4 drive system, which provides strong traction and stability and is very suitable for dealing with harsh road conditions and complex construction site environments. The 460-horsepower power system provides it with excellent power output, allowing it to easily handle high loads and steep slopes.

★ The vehicle adopts an advanced self-unloading design, which can unload goods quickly and efficiently, saving time and labor costs. It has a strong load capacity and can carry a large number of items to improve work efficiency. Isuzu GIGA 6x4 series dump truck is also equipped with advanced suspension and braking systems to ensure stability and safety during high-speed driving and sudden braking.

★ The exterior design of the vehicle is simple and elegant, highlighting the industrial quality and modern style. The body structure is sturdy and durable, and can cope with the challenges of heavy-duty operations. The spacious cab design is comfortable, practical and easy to control, allowing the driver to easily operate the vehicle and improve driving experience and work efficiency.

★ Isuzu GIGA 6x4 dump truck has made great efforts in safety. It is equipped with advanced active safety technologies such as ABS anti-lock braking system, EBD electronic brake force distribution system and ESP electronic stability  program to ensure that the vehicle can remain stable and reduce the risk of accidents in emergency situations. In addition, the vehicle is also equipped with multiple airbags, collision warning systems, blind spot monitoring and other passive safety configurations to provide comprehensive protection for drivers and passengers.


isuzu giga dump truckIsuzu 6x4 giga dumper truck for sale

isuzu giga dumper truckIsuzu giga tipper truck side view

isuzu giga dump truck

Isuzu giga rear lifting truck

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