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1, What is a Isuzu Fire-fighting Truck, and how to buy a Isuzu Fire-fighting Truck?

 Isuzu Fire-fighting Trucks (also called as Isuzu Fire Engine,Isuzu Fire Tender, Isuzu water foam fire trucks, Isuzu Fire pump water Fire truck, Isuzu Rescue Fire vehicle) is a high efficiency flexible Fire rescue vehicle, and can be widely used in communities, towns, industrial and mining, forests and other places. Isuzu Water Fire Truck can quickly reach the scene to extinguish the initial fire. It is an ideal equipment for fire stations.

As best of Isuzu Fire fighting Truck supplier in China, Powerstar Trucks can customize Isuzu Water/Foam Fire Vehicle based on your project. Including Isuzu NPR Fire Engine truck, Isuzu 100P/600P/700P water tank fire truck, Isuzu FTR/FVR Foam Rescue Fire Truck, Isuzu Giga Powder/foam fire Truck and so on.

2, Advantages of Isuzu Fire fighting Truck?

# 1  World Class Isuzu Fire Engine Truck chassis

# 2  Fire Truck Body Volume 2,000L~25,000L

# 3  High performance Fire Pump & Fire Monitor.

# 4  Huge Fire equipment on board.

3, What are the Isuzu Fire-fighting Truck used for?

# 1  Community, Towns, Industrial Fire Rescue

# 2  Factory or Forests Fire fighting

# 3  City Fire stations

 water tanker fire truck ISUZU 2,000L

Water Fire Vehicle Isuzu

Foam Fire truck Isuzu NPR

 Water Fire Truck Isuzu


 Water Fire Vehicle Isuzu

2m3  + 1m

Foam Fire Engine Isuzu NPR

 3m3  + 1m3 

5000L Foam Fire Extinguishing Truck ISUZU FTR   Armenia 4x2 5000L Single cabin Water Foam Fire Truck Isuzu  Foam fire vehicle Isuzu

Foam Fire Tender Isuzu FTR

4m3 + 1m3 

Customer Fire Engine Isuzu

Single Cabin 4m3 + 1m3 

Foam Fire Vehicle Isuzu

5m3  + 1m3

FIRE TENDER VEHICLE Isuzu FVR city fire truck isuzu Foam Powder Fire Vehicle Isuzu 

 Fire Fighting Truck Isuzu

4m3 + 2m3 

Water/Foam Fire Truck Isuzu

 10m3 + 2m3 

Foam Powder Fire Vehicle Isuzu

8m3 + 2m+ 1m3 

 ISUZU GIGA foam fire trucks  ISUZU FVZ Water foam fire truck  

 GIGA Dry powder fire trucks

6m3 + 2m3 + 1m3

ISUZU FVZ Foam Fire Engine

7m3 + 3m3

Rescue fire service truck Isuzu emergency fire fighting truck with crane   

Rescue Fire Tender Truck Isuzu

Generator + Lifting lamp

 Emergency Recuse Fire Vehicle

 5Ton Crane + Traction winch


Independent Row Cabin MAN TG5 12000L Water Tanker Fire Engine truck

6x4 MAN TGS Fire Fighting Truck

Man Fire protection trucks with HALE cb10/100 FIRE PUMP AKRON fire monitor, Man Industrial Fire Truck, Man Emergency Rescue Fire Trucks, 

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4X2 ISUZU Diesel Engine Foam Fire Fighting Truck with Cheap Price

Japan Isuzu Engine Firetruck Emergency Rescue 4x2 water Fire Truck Specification

Japan ISUZU Diesel Engine Firetruck Emergency Rescue 4x2 Foam Fire Truck

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Factory direct sale ISUZU GIGA 4×2 water tank fire engine at discount price

ISUZU GIGA 6 wheeler 8000 liters water tank fire truck for sale

ISUZU Water Fire Truck, ISUZU GIGA fire engine manufacturer, ISUZU GIGA water fire fighting trucks for sale.

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Factory outlet ISUZU GIGA 6 wheeler 12CBM water tender fire truck

ISUZU GIGA 12000 liters fire fighting water tank truck for sale

ISUZU Water Tanker Fire Truck, ISUZU GIGA fire water tank truck manufacturer, ISUZU GIGA water tender for sale.

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ISUZU FTR 10CBM fire fighting water bowser for sale

ISUZU FTR 10000 liters water tender fire truck for sale

ISUZU Water Tender, ISUZU FTR fire water bowser manufacturer, ISUZU FTR 205HP fire tanker truck for sale.

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