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Isuzu FVR trash crusher truck

10 cbm isuzu FVR trash compactor truck
10 cbm isuzu FVR trash compactor truck
10 cbm isuzu FVR trash compactor truck
10 cbm isuzu FVR trash compactor truck
10 cbm isuzu FVR trash compactor truck
10 cbm isuzu FVR trash compactor truck
10 cbm isuzu FVR trash compactor truck

Isuzu FVR trash crusher truck

Isuzu FVR is a trash crusher truck that is specifically designed for waste management and garbage disposal. It is equipped with special features and functions that make it efficient and effective in handling and crushing trash. It is powered by a robust and reliable diesel engine that provides high torque and horsepower, allowing the truck to handle heavy loads and tough terrains. This ensures that the truck can operate smoothly and efficiently, even in challenging working conditions.

The FVR trash crusher truck also comes with a spacious and well-equipped cabin. The cabin is designed to provide comfort and convenience to the driver, with ergonomic seating, easy-to-reach controls, and a user-friendly dashboard. This allows the driver to operate the truck safely and efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing fatigue.

  • Work capacity:

    10 cbm
  • Truck model:

  • Engine power:

    240 hp
  • Engine type:

  • Axle drive:

  • Gear box:

    Fast 8 shift
  • Remarks:

    4X4 drive avaiable, cabin colour customized

Isuzu FVR trash crusher truck is a heavy-duty vehicle specifically designed for waste disposal and management. With its robust build and powerful performance, it is capable of efficiently crushing and compacting larger volumes of trash. The Isuzu FVR trash crusher truck is equipped with a large capacity crusher unit that can crush and compress various types of waste materials. Whether it's household garbage, industrial waste, or construction debris, this truck can effectively reduce the size of the trash, making it easier to handle and transport.

The truck features a strong chassis and suspension system, allowing it to carry heavy loads of waste without compromising stability and control. It also has a spacious and well-designed cargo area, with special compartments and bins to separate recyclable materials from non-recyclables.

----►ISUZU FVR 4x2 drive, super powerful

----►ISUZU 6HK1-TCG60 diesel engine, 6 cylinder engine

----►High strength steel T420 material , similar to HARDOX, WELLDOX steel

----►Rear lifting device for 240L, 660L and 1100L bins

----►12 months after sale service, long guarantee assurance.

----►Upper structure customized avaiable.

Isuzu FVR compactor garbage Truck Specification


ISUZU FVR single row cab

Driving Type

4*2 Left hand driving

Max Speed (km/h)


Overall dimension(mm)


GVW( kg)


Mass in working order ( kg)



4500, 4700

F/R track base (mm)


F/R overhang (mm)


Approach/Departure Angel





Single-plate dry diaphragm spring clutch


Hydraulic steering with power assistance

Gear box



Front axle

6.3 T

Rear axle

13 T




Fuel Type

Diesel fuel


Water-cooled four-stroke,, direct injection, turbocharged



Max output power/rotate speed (hp /rpm )


Braking  system

Service Brake

Compressed air brake

Park Brake

Spring energy

Auxiliary brake

engine exhaust brake

Eletric system


Upper-Body  specification

Material of tank

material : T550 ,Thickness :4(mm) side /4(mm) rear

dirty tank volume

10 m³ / 8M3 9M3 10M3 ETC

filler volume


filing time(s)


filling cycle time(s)


Discharge type


Time for dumping


Hydraulic pressure


Controlling way

Manualy and electrical control

Isuzu FVR trash crusher truck is a very popular trash compression truck in the Philippines. It has the following four advantages:

1. Powerful performance: The Isuzu FVR garbage compression truck is equipped with a Hummer power system, which has excellent power performance and solid driving ability. The truck’s engine features high power and torque output to handle a variety of road and working conditions with ease. The truck therefore efficiently collects and compacts large quantities of waste, whether in urban or rural areas.
2. Spacious cargo space: The design of the Isuzu FVR garbage compactor truck places great emphasis on efficient cargo transportation. It has a spacious cargo space that can accommodate a large amount of garbage, reducing the number of multiple trips on a route. In addition, the truck is also equipped with a height-adjustable compressor, which can flexibly adjust the compression ratio as needed to improve transportation efficiency.
3. High-performance garbage compression system: Isuzu FVR garbage compression truck is equipped with an advanced garbage compression system that uses hydraulic technology to achieve efficient garbage compression and sealing functions. This system can significantly compress the volume of waste, thereby reducing the number of transportation times and costs. In addition, the system also has an automatic control function that can automatically monitor the compression of garbage to ensure compression effect and safety.
4. Energy saving and environmental protection: Isuzu FVR garbage compression truck adopts advanced energy-saving technology and environmentally friendly design. It is equipped with a lower emission diesel engine with higher combustion efficiency and lower emission levels. In addition, the truck also utilizes a regenerative braking system to convert energy into electrical energy storage during braking and deceleration, reducing energy waste and pollution.


Isuzu FVR trash crusher truck, also known as isuzu waste management truck, is a specialized vehicle that serves multiple purposes in garbage collection and disposal. With its unique features and capabilities, it plays a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and sustainability in urban areas. Here are five key points describing its various applications:

1. Garbage Collection: The Isuzu FVR trash crusher truck is primarily designed for efficient garbage collection. Equipped with a hydraulic arm and a mechanism to compact waste, it enables the collection of large volumes of trash in a single trip. This helps minimize the number of collection rounds required, reducing fuel consumption and traffic congestion.
2. Waste Compaction: One of the standout features of this truck is its ability to compress collected waste. The waste is compressed into smaller volumes, thereby optimizing space utilization within the truck. This compaction allows for increased capacity, resulting in fewer trips to disposal sites and reducing operational costs.
3. Recycling: The Isuzu FVR trash crusher truck promotes recycling by providing a separate compartment for recyclable materials. This feature enables the segregation and efficient collection of recyclables, facilitating the recycling process and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. It contributes to environmental sustainability and resource conservation.
4. Waste Transfer: In addition to collecting and compacting waste, the Isuzu FVR trash crusher truck can also serve as a waste transfer vehicle. It can transport the compacted waste from collection points to recycling centers, treatment plants, or landfills. The truck's durability and capacity make it ideal for long-distance transportation of waste, ensuring a seamless waste disposal process.
5. Environmental Impact: By utilizing the Isuzu FVR trash crusher truck, municipalities can significantly reduce their environmental footprint. The truck's waste compaction capabilities reduce the volume of waste, resulting in reduced methane emissions from landfills.

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