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1, What is a Isuzu Road Sweeper Truck, and how to buy a Isuzu Road Sweeper Truck?

Isuzu Road Sweeper Trucks (also called as Isuzu Street Sweeper Truck, Isuzu Road Sweeping Vehicle, Isuzu Broom Sweeper Truck, Isuzu Vacuum Sweeper with Brush), This type Isuzu street road sweeping trucks is is a high efficiency vehicle can be widely used in sweeping city roads, highways, construction sites, bridges, squares, and cement concrete road surface.

As best of Isuzu Street Sweeper Truck supplier in China, Powerstar Trucks can customize Isuzu Broom Road Sweeper Vehicle based on your project. Including Isuzu NPR vacuum sweeper truck, Isuzu 100P/600P/700P street sweeper truck, Isuzu FTR/FVR Street sweeping Truck, Isuzu Giga highway Road Sweeper Trucks and so on.

2, Advantages of Isuzu Road Sweeper Truck?

# 1  World Class Isuzu Sweeper Truck chassis

# 2  Sweeper Body Volume 3,000L~15,000L

# 3  20 years in Sweeper Truck Design & Manufacturing.

# 4  Customer special requirement are welcome.

3, What are the Isuzu Road Sweeper Truck used for?

# 1  City Street & Road cleaning

# 2  Highway & Square sweeping

# 3  Cement factory or other huge factory

Dustbin Road Sweeper Kit for road sweeper trucks  Best price Road sweeper body up structure for export road sweeper kit for road sweeper truck up structure

Road Sweeper Truck Bodies

/brand-new-isuzu-nkr-3cbm-5cbm-isuzu-road-sweeping-vehicle_p25.html  Brand new broom Road Sweeper Isuzu Street Sweeper Truck Isuzu details pictures

Sweeper Truck Isuzu

(3 cbm)

Road Sweeper Isuzu

(4 cbm)

Street Sweeper Truck Isuzu

(5 cbm)


 ISUZU Vacuum Road Sweeper  Japan KATO design Road Sweeper Trucks Isuzu by powerstar  Vacuum road sweeper cleaner truck ISuzu FTR FVR trucks

ISUZU Vacuum Road Sweeper

(6 cbm)

ISUZU ELF Broom Sweeper

(8 cbm)

Airport Vacuum Sweeper Isuzu

(10 cbm)

 5m3 Pure Vacuum Suction Sweeper Isuzu Dirty suction Vehicle  Waterless Vacuum Sweeper Isuzu  

ISUZU Pure Vacuum Sweeper Truck

(6 cbm dustbin)

ISUZU Cement Plant Vacuum Sweeper

(8 cbm dustbin)


 /brand-new-isuzu-nkr-3cbm-5cbm-isuzu-road-sweeping-vehicle_p25.html  Road Sweeper Isuzu  Street Sweeper Truck Isuzu details pictures  Powerstar brand Environment sweeper truck for sale

3m3 Dustbin + 1m3Water 

4m3 + 1m3 

5m3 + 1m3 

 Vacuum Road Sweeper

4m3 + 2m3 

 Myanmar Mechanical road sweeping vehicle for sale by powerstar Japan KATO design Road Sweeper Trucks Isuzu by powerstar   road sweeper isuzu elf  road sweeper cleaner truck ISuzu FTR FVR trucks 

Street Washers Sweeper

6m3 Dustbin2m3Water 

 KATO Sweeper Truck Isuzu

7m3 + 2m3

 Dustbin Road Sweeper

8m3  2m3

 Highways Cleaner Road Sweeper

9m3 + 6m3

 Brush road sweeper for Myanmar Japan Isuzu Truck mounted road sweeper by powerstar  Sanitation vacuum road sweeper truck for philippines market   brand new road sweeper truck for Myanmar clients

Dust Collection Sweeper


Road Sweeping Vehicle



 Industrial Road Sweeper


 sweeper vacuum road cleaner manufacturer Powerstar brand City road Runway sweeper truck made by Powerstar trucks  China supplier for Dust cleaner road sweeper truck  Philippines Street cleaning equipment Japan Isuzu Road Sweeping Vehicle 

 Cement Plant Sweeper Truck


 Highway Road Sweeper


 Road Brush Sweeper


 Broom Road Sweeper


 suction road sweeper vehicle Isuzu Vacuum Street cleaning sweeper manufacturer Powerstar trucks  Powerstar trucks sweeper vacuum road cleaner  Vacuum stuciton road sweeper trucks Isuzu NPR ELF 

   Vacuum Dust Sweeper Isuzu


High Vacuum Street Sweeper


Vacuum Road Sweeper

 Cement Factory Vacuum Sweeper



Spare Parts List

 dustbin tank body for sweeper truck spare parts  Road sweeper kit auxilary engine spare parts  road sweeper truck spare parts   High-performance air blower for road sweeper trucks Air filter for Isuzu road sweeper engine 

Dustbin Body

Optional Capacity

Auxilary Engine 

Isuzu tech, powerful

Electric-Hydraulic Valve

Durable & Stable

Air blower

Super performance

 Air Filters

High quality

 Road sweeper key parts hydraulic motor  hydraulic pipe line for road sweeper trucks  Hydraulic oil tank for sweeper truck  hydraulic cylinder for street sweeper truck  Water Pump

Italy or American brand

 Hydraulic Pipe line

Reasonable structure


Japan Tech

 brush system for road sweeper truck  suction port for road sweeping trucks  Brush for road sweeper trucks  parts for road sweeper trucks  Engine belt fan belt for road sweeper truck spare parts
Hydraulic drive

  Suction Port

USA Tech Suction

 Square Brush

Different Size

 Sprinkler Structure


 Fan Belt
 Control box for road sweeper trucks  LED Arrow light for road sweeper trucks  corrugating hoses for road sweeper truck  Solid rubber tire for road sweeper truck  Sealing Ring

  Control Box

Your own language

 LED Arrow Light

High light & Safty

 USA Industry Hose

 5 years service lift

Malaysia Solid Tire

 4 years service lift

 Sealing Ring
 Spare parts Fire hose for street sweeper trucks  spare parts ball valve for road sweeper truck Isuzu  Roller brush for road sweeping trucks  spare parts U bolt for Isuzu street sweeper truck  
 Fire Hose  Valve Rolling Brush  U-Type Bolt  


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