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Isuzu Water Bowser Tank Trucks (also called as water tank truck ISUZU, Sprinkling truck, water lorry, water spray truck, potable water tanker), This type Isuzu water spray trucks is used to transport and supply water, whatever industrial or agriculture water, widely used in construction engineering, farm irrigation, etc.

ISUZU ELF 100P lega mega Water Spray Trucks  Water trucks isuzu elf 5,000L water bowser truck isuzu 5000L 

ISUZU Elf Water Spray Truck




 ISUZU 4WD ELF 4X4 Off Road Sprinkler Water Tanker Trucks  Water high pressure jetting vehicle Isuzu  Water Tanker Truck Isuzu



 water tank lorry ISUZU FTR mobile water trucks  Water delivery tanker ISUZU FVZ Water Tank Trucks ISUZU FVZ Water transport truck hauling tanker vehicle


 ISUZU Water Tanker Fire Trucks  20,000L Water Tanker Truck Isuzu giga 20m3 Water Sprinkler Truck,  Combination Jetting Vacuum vehicle ISUZUZ combined jetting truck

 ISUZU Water Fire Trucks



 Combination Vehicle Isuzu

(Vacuum + Jetting)





Customized ISUZU GIGA stainless steel milk truck at promotional price

ISUZU GIGA 15000 litres Milk Tanker Truck For Sale

High quality ISUZU GIGA milk truck, stainless steel milk tanker truck, ISUZU GIGA milk transport truck for sale.

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Best price ISUZU NPR stainless steel milk transport truck for sale

ISUZU 700P 8000 litres Milk Tanker Truck For Sale

Customized ISUZU ELF 700P / NPR road milk tanker truck, stainless steel milk tankers, ISUZU milk transport truck

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Mongolia ISUZU 4CBM stainless steel milk tank truck for sale

ISUZU 100P 4000 liters Milk transport truck For Mongolia

Mongolia ISUZU ELF 100P / NKR milk tank truck, stainless steel milk tanker, ISUZU milk transport truck

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