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3000L~5000L Customer Isuzu Ordinary asphalt distributor Bitumen emulsion sprayer

Japanese Isuzu 3000L~5000L Customer Ordinary asphalt distributor Bitumen emulsion sprayer


3000L~5000L Customer Isuzu Ordinary asphalt distributor Bitumen emulsion sprayer

3000L~5000L Customer Isuzu Ordinary asphalt distributor Bitumen emulsion sprayer


Isuzu Bitumen emulsion sprayer

PT5090GLQ Isuzu NKR/ELF Asphalt Distributor is an intelligent high-tech product which can spread emulsified asphalt, fluxed asphalt, oil refining asphalt, heated asphalt, heavy traffic paving asphalt and high viscosity modified asphalt (vehicle with high configuration). The product has been widely used in highway construction and road maintenance projects. It can be used for construction of upper and lowers seal coat, prime coat, waterproof layer, bonding layer, bituminous surface treatment, bituminous penetration pavement, fog seal and other projects of different grades of highway pavement. It can also be used for transportation of liquid asphalt or other heavy oil.

We also supply Automatic Bitumen Transportation Tank Truck, welcome to view more.

Advantages of PT5090GLQ bitumen emulsion sprayer

1. ISUZU NKR bearing chassis is adopted. Engine power is 88 KW. It has the largest engine power among similar chassis; imported high power burner automatically ignites. The air door is controlled;

2. Original wedge positioning stainless steel combination nozzle sprays in the fan-shaped area and positions accurately. It is wear-resisting and the quality is reliable. It is fast and convenient to replace.

3. Equipped with high power auxiliary generator

4. Post injection switch can be turned on with one button. The operation is more convenient.

5. Asphalt pipeline has systemic circulation. It is suitable for spraying emulsified asphalt and heated asphalt.

6. PTO power take-off method is used. Zero distance spraying can be realized.

7. Three overlapping spraying ensures more uniform spreading with higher precision.


1 Nozzle:

a,Installation of stainless steel nozzle, can be positioned correctly and easy to replace    

b,Stainless steel nozzle be used more time than other nozzle.

c,When spraying asphalt, bitumen consumption can be reduced and keep the quality of spray keep

2 Heat Conducting Oil System:

a.The new Heat Conducting Oil System can heat asphalt and pump faster

b.Especially in use of spraying emulsified asphalt,speed up the heating efficiency and save fuel

3 Controller:

a.Control system is more friendly and easier to be operated.

b.Intelligentzied model is suitable for asphalt pavement construction which can improve performance achievement of the international advanced standard..

4 Cleaning:Can use diesel fuel or high-pressure air cleaning of pipes and pumps

5 Environmental protection, reduce the consumption: In the spraying end, using high pressure air makes asphalt of residues in pipe row back to the tank, Avoid residual asphalt pollution of the environment, and save the asphalt consumption

Parameter of PT5090GLQ bitumen emulsion sprayer

Mass parameter:

Kerb Weight(kg)


Total Weight(kg)


Rated loading Weight(kg)




Chassis Parameter:

Chassis Model


Tyre Model


Wheelbase (mm)


Max. Power(kw)


Engine model




Spray specification:

Tank Capacity(m³)


Spray width


Hydraulic pump model


Spray Value


Hydraulic motor


(Liyuan Brand)

Insulation Thickness








Asphalt pump




Emission Standard






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